Oster 6641 Blender review


A leading kitchen appliance company Oster has launched an upgraded blender, which can double up as ice crusher too. Model number 6641, Oster’s blender comes with a breakthrough technology that can be used to blend or crush the hard foods including dry fruits, ice etc.

For those who like to make slush squashes or top up their cold drink with a lot of crushed ice, Oster 6641 blender is a great buy. Its advantage over other blenders and ice crushers is that this product can perform the function of a standard blender as well as the function of an ice crusher. Thus, this product is affordable for users who want to avail both the functions.

Features of Oster 6641 Blender

Oster 6641 has a powerful 450 watt motor, which is powerful enough to blend fruits, vegetables, juices etc in a matter of minutes. Combined with the new revolutionary stainless steel blades, it cuts ice too. You can rely on these blades for a long time. Oster 6641 is an investment that will last in your kitchen.

It is not common that your blender blades might rust but if you accidentally leave the blades in water for too long, you run the risk of rusting the blades. To avoid this problem of rusted blades, the user should be careful to dry up the blades after washing and before assembling.

The product’s drive system is made of metal, thus it ensures easy cleaning and hygiene as compared to use of plastic. The accessory with Oster 6641 includes a jar, which is made up of break resistant plastic. The jar has the capacity of about 6 cups.

This product has an additional pulse feature. You can instinctively decide on blending of foods while watching through the transparent jar using the pulse button on the blender. Besides the other speed deciding options, pulse feature is an advantage if you do not want the blender to go on longer than required.


If you want to upgrade your existing standard blender, 6641 by Oster is an affordable but upgraded product.