Nikon D90 Digital SLR Camera, 18-105 VR Kit Review-2019


The Nikon D90 Digital SLR Camera with an 18-105 VR Kit is one of the latest cameras launched by the prestigious camera brand, Nikon. It offers some really amazing features.

Some attractive features

12.3 mega pixel

• Expeed image processing system

• ISO 200-3200 extendable up to ISO 6400

• D-Movie to shoot motion videos

Nikon’s flagship digital SLRs always come up with new technologies to please the loyal Nikon customers. Here is a look at what the Nikon D90 has in offering:

The D-Movie

The Digital SLR comes with a unique option referred to as D movie that lets you record moving images and take still photographs without compromising on video or picture quality.

The D90’s most attractive feature is undoubtedly its ability to shoot movies in JPEG format using the D-Movie function. A breakthrough technique for the D-SLR cameras, the D90 makes it possible to shoot movies, that too in 3 different JPEG resolutions. They are; 1,280 x 720 pixels, 640 x 424 pixels and 320 x 216 pixels.

The EXPEED Image Processing System

The EXPEED image processing system is aimed at delivering the best image quality with great light sensitivity. The camera lets you go up to an ISO as high as 6400, making it fit for low light conditions without losing on the sharpness of the subject.

The D90’s image-processing through EXPEED technology produces high-resolution pictures at remarkable speeds, enabling high-speed continuous shooting.

Image Quality Control

With its 12.3 effective mega pixels and high image quality, the D90 delivers great detail and tonal gradation. Further, Nikon’s Dust Reduction System works to free dust particles from the sensor for good image clarity.

Vibration Reduction

The D90 also has exceptional performance due to VR (Vibration Reduction) feature, ensuring crisp images, even in low-light frames.

Multipurpose Menu

Its retouch menu puts forth a set of photo effects like Fisheye and Distortion control. The camera, thus, lets the user get fish eye effect without going for the specific lens. When you’re not sure about the appropriate camera settings, it would be right to rely on the Advanced Scene Modes.

You just have to turn the dial towards the appropriate mode represented by different icons like; Portrait, Landscape, Close-up, Sports or Night Portrait. Unlike the traditional digital cameras, the D90 is designed for automatic exposure optimization, picture control, active D-Lighting and image processing to get the most out of the photograph.


For those who always wished for a professional digital SLR and a camcorder in the same body at an affordable price, Nikon D90 is the best option.