Nikon D3 Review-2019


With the Nikon D3, Nikon has come up with a camera that touches pinnacles in imaging with minimum distortion and wonderful low light sensitivity.

Delivering a full-frame sensor in 12-megapixel, the D3 brings together pro-level shooting for all kinds of specialist photography including high shutter speed for sports shooting and dependability for photojournalists.

D3’s heavy body should not deter photographers as the camera compensates for its weight in the array of features it offers. Further, its heavy weight helps the user take stable photographs as compared to a lighter camera, which often require tripod.

Full-Frame Sensor

Without a doubt, the feature that Nikon shooters have always asked for in Digital SLR range is that of full-frame sensor, equal to the size of 35mm film. The larger frame size of the censor helps enlarge light sensitivity and at the same time reducing distortion or noise.

51-Point Auto Focus

To further enhance specialist photography like wildlife photography or sports shooting, D3 offers a 51-point auto focus with 15 sensors. It is the same system as the one in D300 and D700.

3D Color Matrix Metering System

The most remarkable feature of D3 is the 1,005-point 3D color matrix metering system that works with the AF system. D3′s 3D tracking mode helps in shooting, say, a wild horse or an eagle, which is in contrast with the background colors of the jungle without having to wait for that perfect moment with great focus.

Absolutely uncompromising low light shooting at ISO 6400 with minimum noise, 9 frames per second, battery for thousands of shots, rainproof metal body and fast auto focusing are the features that make D3 best in its class.

One big upgrade on the D3 is its 3 inch LCD screen with 920,000 dots and a 170-degree viewing angle. Though, professionals should not rely on the LCD for checking on picture quality, this is a great add-on for amateur Digital SLR users.

Just like other SLRs in the Nikon range, the D3 offers live view modes for handheld and tripod use, which lets you use the LCD instead of the viewfinder.


The array of features has value for everyone looking for the most up to date Digital SLR from Nikon. It is certainly worth buying.

Nikon D3 Review-2019


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