Hp Compaq 6735s Notebook Review

Hp Compaq 6735s Notebook Review
Hp Compaq 6735s Notebook Review

The HP Compaq 6735s Notebook PC has certainly turned into a core product as it has all attributes that can drive any potential buyers to have it in a first look! Those who are like-minded of mobile personal computer section will really want to have once they come to know its attractions.

Specifications and Performance

Well, its AMD processor SI-42 with 2100 MHz processor is one of the most high power workstations in notebook range that creates each of the tasks easy to you do with PC. 160, 250 or 320 GB hard disk with 5400 revolution per minute does not only has enough space to store lots of multimedia programmes but also responds quickly whenever you access them.

With a smooth surface, its touchpad has big space to move finger as well as reacts rapidly whenever you access the system through it. The scrollbars along the right margin of the laptop have a great feel to them and can be used easily.

This notebook is provided with two different types of displays. However, both of them have got WXGA resolution of 1280×800 pixels which means 16:10 format of view.

This notebook is provided with pre installed Windows XP Professional that makes it ready to take and to move anywhere. For you choice, it can additionally be made ready for Vista OS. It comes with total 7 CDs, having all software you will need to install Windows Vista Business in this PC.

The notebook also has 2 GB slots of RAM that means it’s highly compatible to open and to do numerous tasks together. You can also extend its RAM with 8 GB DDR-2 RAM PC-6400 in Dual-Channel mode. Also, the optical drive is got from Samsung that is already a leading name in creating the best featured optical drive in the entire industry.


So, with such attractive features at a very dependable cost, the HP Compaq 6735s Notebook PC will really be the most favourable deal for you if you have a lower budget to buy a mobile PC.


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