Honda VFR 750 F Bike Review- 2019


The Honda VFR 750 is certainly a perfect bike for those who want a stable handling, powerful engine, quick response brake and a very good suspension system. This is truly a commanding bike with hardly anything that might deter you from saying it amazing!

Performance and Specifications

It runs smoothly with all speeds. The bike has good scope to be ridden fast. Even the bike doesn’t vibrate while you drive it more than the average speed. Vibration is a common problem with bikes as they begin vibrating once they go beyond normal speed. But it doesn’t happen with this bike as it produces very little vibration that does not disturb  your concentration.

The Honda VFR 750 boasts of a design which is too good as it provides good wind protection; even the legs of driver get protected. This feature makes you ride this bike easily and the protector also helps in increasing its speed.

Tank comes with large size that means you can fill it with enough fuel. Enough fuel means you have long backup of fuel if riding the bike on miles long highways. The handling is also excellent with great brakes support at the same time. If you have good brakes support in your bike, you can drive it beyond the limits and can stop it with a quick response.

The accurately created design is totally balanced and such great stability means you can have a great balance even at low speed. Single arm rear suspension and centre stand mean the rear wheel/tire is logically easy to restore. This is a touring trait.

The headlights are much brighter than other bikes; also the bike has got separate left and right indicators. The mirrors in this bike do not shake if you ride it at fast speed. They always stay tuned where you did them last time.


The Honda VFR 750 is truly a good bike and its wide-ranging features make it ready for those passionate for speed.