Honda NSR125 Road Bike Review-2019


With the Honda NSR125, Honda has a very good answer to all those who are looking a stylish bike in 125 CC range. And if you have also a plan to buy a racing bike then this is truly for you. Once you buy it, you will certainly fall in love with the first touch.

Specifications and Performance

The time you will drive this bike, your mind will force to not have anything other than it, as you will love it every second. The first thing that will grab your attention is its looks. You will just say ‘wow’ initially as it looks like a 600cc bike. Curved stylishly, this bike comes with fat wheel, letting the bike keep a closer resemblance with any racing bike.

It is a specific head turner. The fairings also do their job well, keeping rain and wind to a least, although you do have to duck your head down a bit for optimizing the result of the screen. The fat looking wheels are very supportive and allow the bike to have an additional grip while leaning and rounding in any corner. You get extra confidence with driving the bike.

The Honda NSR125 is a two stroke bike that means it doesn’t has the grunt as the most bikes have, but don’t worry it not sounds like a hover mower. The engine is capable in making quite a purr that is very exclusive and great. Having the 2 strokes create the bike sportier than 4stroke bike of the same CC. However, 2 strokes take some while more in warming the bike.

The engine is designed especially for this bike and you get no problem with starting it. It has also been reported that the bike will achieve a 0-60mph speed of just within 5 seconds. Stunned! A drive of this bike will never let you feel that it is just a 125 cc bike. This bike moves like as something is shot up.  It acceleration is fantastic.


Ride the Honda NSR125 regularly on dual carrier ways and the bike has no problems keeping up with traffic. Good, truly good.


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