Honda Hornet Road Bike Review-2019


Are you hungry about to have top speed and want to drive a bike with more than usual speed because your present bike starts shaking once you just go beyond the 80 or 85 km/hrs. If you want this, then Honda has a good answer with the Honda Hornet.

Specifications and Performance

If you first want to know about the engine, then the bike has got the same engine as the Honda CBR600RR. This modified motor actually creates more torque if compared with CBR. More torque means more friendliness with users.

This design is totally funky and the driver is always identified as standing out from the crowd! It is good not only for such attractive design but its reliability has also marked it as popular bike among other. Also the design of this bike makes it robust. It feels solid and is also secure with fast driving.

It sometimes looks like a big-guy bike with its bit swelling design that may let you feel hard in deriving as well. But hey! This is not like this at all. It is absolutely easy in riding and soft for the first time rider. But at the same time, you can never undermine its sporting abilities. It is just a sport bike. The bike is also extremely light that simply means it has better chance to be handled like a toy.

The bike runs flawlessly in tricky conditions and nothing special has to do to new riders to ride the bike. The bike has also got six speed transmissions for those who always want to see their guanine efforts towards riding the bike. The sounds you will feel during the change of gears would force you to fall in love with this bike.

It has also got the new increased fuel tank that is bigger than earlier versions and backs the fuel for long riding as well. Also the bike comes with a long list of genuine accessories which allow you to personalize your bike according to you desires


The Honda Hornet has every thing that prepares a bike to be called sporty. It is designed for those who want to have a real pleasure of sport bike.