CANON SD1100 IS Review-2019


Another point-and-shoot digital camera from Canon, the SD1100 IS, is an ultra compact but stylish easy to use camera, which also offers a variety of advanced features. The camera combines Canon’s unique motion detection technique with a face detection technology to ensure a perfect photograph for your cherished moments. Motion detection technology by Canon prevents the possibility of blurry pictures, which is normally a result of hand shake or your subject’s movement. Thus, this camera is perfect for range of moving subjects from capturing your kid running the school race or catching the decisive moment of the soccer match.

Some important features

8 mega pixel sensitivity

Motion detection technique

Image stabilization

Face detection

ISO 1600

The 8 mega pixel sensitivity of the camera combined with its ISO range that goes up to 1600, makes sure the camera works well in low light conditions without compromising on the picture quality. You can keep the ISO between 100 and 1600 depending on the light conditions.

One of the appealing features on this model is the variety it offers on colors to choose from. You can choose from silver, blue, brown, pink, and gold.

The camera makes for comfortable usage by a layman as well a photography enthusiast; by bring together controls on focusing, adjusting exposure, controlling flash light and correcting white balance; with the automatic mode. Adaptable features of the camera make it fit for landscape photographs as well as portraits with little changes in the focus and exposure. Further, its white balance does a fine duty of managing colors under all kinds of light conditions from cloudy to sunny to indoor tube lights. It neutralizes colors for a perfect picture even under the harsh sun.

All the controls of the camera are placed on the right side of the body, which makes it simple to make changes while framing the picture. The slider for choosing between video recording, still photography and playback is also present right below the shutter button.

The elaborate set of features at an affordable price make SD1100 IS a great buy for tech savvy youngsters as well as those looking for a first-rate, yet simple-to-use digital camera.