Canon Powershot G10 Review -2019



The Canon’s PowerShot G10 with a resolution of 15-megapixel resolution is next in line of cameras from G series that has become shooters favorite for a long time now. Just like the other G series models, the metal body of the Canon G10 gives it the look and design that makes it one of the finest in its category.


The G10 retains most of the user friendly features of previous G series digital cameras including a 4-way switch besides a Function/Set button in between the four buttons as well as the navigational scroll wheel located on the backside. Adjusting focus, metering and white balance remains simple and accessible in G10, while the viewfinder of the G10 has changed for a larger, clearer and more usable viewfinder. Shooting, thus, with G10 is quick as well as comfortable.

The new and improved wide-angle coverage for better landscape photography is an add-on feature with G10. The f/2.8-4.8 28-140mm-equivalent lens should be a delight for those who love to capture the mountains, sunset, birds and river landscape in their entirety.

The changeable auto focus, the integrated neutral-density filter, exposure lock and supported RAW format files make the Canon G10 the perfect camera for photography enthusiasts. Its is a perfect choice for the users looking for an affordable substitute for a digital SLR.

The basic capabilities of the G10 are combined with more advanced face detection technology improvements and face detection self-timer. These will appeal more to the users familiar with a snapshot camera than those who fiddle for manual settings.

Picture Quality

The most important and pertinent quality for a camera is picture quality, here G10 doesn’t disappoint. It delivers a fabulous picture quality with great colors and exposures. ISO 100 produces clear images with great quality, but ISO 200 or above might produce little noise or grainy effect. However, at ISO 800 under low light condition, the noise remains at its minimum and is visible only if you look at the picture with extreme concentration.


Overall G 10 remains best in class for home use and for photography enthusiasts, it makes a good choice for those looking for an up to date digital camera with most available features.