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Thread: Adnan Siddiqui dramas, shirtless, wedding pictures

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    Hamesha launched by Soch with much anticipation

    The wait is finally over. For all the fans Soch’ The band has launched of their much anticipated music video, ‘Hamesha’ by Raj and Pablo at the BBC Club. The video is directed by the critically acclaimed Adnan Qazi.
    Hamesha launched by Soch
    The event was attended by hundreds of people and fans of Soch at the BBC club last Saturday, The director and actors of Hamesha graced the Red carpet at the club where celebrities like Raj and Pablo, Rocky S, Bally Sagoo, Sadia Siddiqui and others were present too.
    On the Launch of the video Soch said “we are very glad to have such a great product under our belt, everyone worked really hard and by what we hear by people who attended the Launch loved it, so we guess the hard work paid off”
    Brian Thomas who were the sponsors of the video were also Present at the event and they also stated “it’s great to see such talented people like Adnan Qazi and Soch the band working towards the softer image of Pakistan and we will always support causes like these”
    Kubra Khanam spotted wearing a Zaheer Abbass gown glowed at the red carpet, she was very glad that everyone was appreciating her acting in the video.
    Last but not the least Adnan Qazi who directed the video said “As the launch was coming closer I was getting really nervous for it, but to see it happen and loved by the audience is magical”.
    All the major Pakistani media supported the event, and as for the public release date Murtza Niaz Manager/Publicist at “SOCH” said that first the video will be airing in the UK and after two weeks it will be launched in Pakistan and on Internet.
    Photography credits: Waleed Mukhtar at Waleed and Osama Photography

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    Pakistani Stars Drinking Scandals

    Pakistani leading stars including Ejaz Aslam, Abdullah Kadwani, Adnan Siddiqui and Humayun Saeed can be found inside a wine party somewhere in Pakistan. Drinking is prohibited in Islam and in Pakistan it is a crime as Pakistan is a Muslim country but the cases of our stars being caught 11111 are increasing day by day. Several famous names had come on media regarding drinking.

    Some of the recent cases are; laila was admitted to hospital for having heavy drinks and 1111 injections. She was admitted to national hospital Lahore. Doctors warned her to give up drinking and 1111 injections as its dose might become a source of Hepatitis.

    Another story that came to news was the famous fame lover Veena Malik as she was caught on camera while drinking and spending a flirty and romantic night with a bollywood director Hemant Madhukar. It is still a question whether it was intentionally played by Veena to get in to sizzling news or its really was a night she was enjoying but whatever it was she was caught drinking.

    Few days back social media reported that said Pakistani actress Nirma was caught by police as she was caught doing immoral acts with some of her friends and was heavily 11111 but so far there is no evidence that it really happened so it make it more of rumour Wait wait not only ladies are involved in such drinking acts recently a picture of javeed sheikh got published in social media in which he is holding a glass of wine with other actors. Still It isn’t clear that is it becoming more of a trend to get in news or is the bad luck of stars that they get caught while drinking but whatever is it , it doesn’t represent Islam, Pakistan or its culture.

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    Hum TV| Humnasheen Last Episode: A Review reviews, mp3 song download

    Hum TV| Humnasheen Last Episode: A Review reviews, mp3 song download
    Last Episode

    Kabhi Aashna, Kabhi ajnabi
    Hai Kabhi gumaan, to kabhi yakeen
    Tu jo sath paas hai, Kahan sath hai
    Mere Humnawa, Mere Humnasheen
    Meri Ankho ka tu kajal hai to bikhra kio hai
    Humnasheen pas tere dil mera tanha kio hai
    Meri lehro mei jo dooba hai to pyasa kio hai
    Mile aise ke mile bhi nahi
    Kabhi Aashna Kabhi ajnabi
    Hai kabhi gumaan to kabhi yakeen……….
    Mere Humnawa, Mere Humnasheen
    Atlast Humnasheen has come to its end. I was really very excited about the last episode and set my seat in front of my television set before it was about to start. I think that Shahla Shakoor did a fantastic job in concluding the serial – very mature and subtle.

    The ending was not as expected. But the writer did justify the ending of the serial very nicely and not in a haphazard way. I was already thinking and expecting that Mehrunissa and Shehzad would get married. But unfortunately that did not happen L Yet the story ended well.
    Mehrunissa was not agreeing to get married with Shehzad at the first place even though everyone at the house approved this decision. Yet she had a place in her heart where Hasan Munir used to be and since he had died she never wanted anyone to take that place. She said, “Mei kisi or ko unki jaga nahi de sakti”. That entire scene and conversation of Mehrunissa with Ismat Ara brought tears to my eyes. How dedicated and loving wife she showed to be. She decided to stick to her original identity that was with Hassan Munir and not to marry Shehzad.
    Alishba on the other hand was made understood that whatever had happened in the past with her father was all due to a misunderstanding. This task of getting Alishba back on the right track was performed by Shehzad. Well I was thinking here that Shehzad has played a pivotal role in fixing things up and mending the broken strings that were ruined in the past. First he took charge of the sinking ship of Hassan Munir’s business that was half or nearly destroyed by Safeer. Shehzad did a fabulous job in saving everything that was almost lost. Then secondly he helped in bringing Alishba back to her husband by cleaning up her mind with hateful thoughts against her in-laws. He told her that everything that her father was feeding her mind was false and told her about the real truth.
    The last episode had a wedding again and this time the knot was tied between Uzair and Sarah. The happy ending had one tragic element. And that was Shehzad going away again. Mehrunissa had lost him once and this time again when fate had brought him back to her she denied to be with him. And so saddened by his ill fate while accepting and compromising with life once again, poor Shehzad left the wedding ceremony and went away.
    Mehrunissa on her part was right as well by not letting anyone else in her life again after her husband’s death. She was formerly seen as a week woman in the past who was unable to make the most important decisions in her life and as a result lost valuable things including her prestige and honor and most of all her very own children. But later on with the passage of time she learnt many things from her experiences in life. 1And so in the end she made this very important decision being a mother of two grownup sons and a daughter.
    Well, summing it all up I would like to really really appreciate first the writer Shahla Shakoor for bringing on to our screens a very unusual concept of two wives living together in the same house with their exceptional behaviors respectively. And then secondly the director Siraj ul Haq and his team for their marvelous efforts that were visible throughout the serial. The entire cast especially Faiza Hasan, Adnan Siddiqui and Arij Fatima whose acting skills were praiseworthy and laudable the whole time until the end. The generation switch was also a fantastic and interesting turn out that made all of us stick to our seats.
    This is a sad thing at least for me that Humnasheen is over now. But looking on to the brighter side I am expecting some more interesting pieces from Shahla Shakoor or perhaps Siraj ul Haq J HUM TV is waiting you guys
    Keep watching HUM TV.
    For more updates and reviews log on to or visit our facebook page.
    Reviewed By: Zarish Gill
    HUM Network Interactive Department

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